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The description of BlaBlaCar, Trusted Carpooling

Welcome to the future of travel. You’re a few taps away from a ride at your doorstep. Or, if you’d rather drive, the least expensive journey you’ve ever made. Forget dragging your luggage to the bus stop. Forget transfers. Forget about breaking the bank for a weekend away. With us, you just connect with someone nearby who’s going your way. Someone who wants to share the ride. So you can both save your time and money for what’s important. On top of your own car insurance, benefit from additional insurance cover, free of charge, in partnership with AXA. Driving somewhere? Share. Drive. Save. • Publish your ride in seconds • Decide who goes with you • Enjoy the least expensive ride you’ve ever made Want to go somewhere? Book. Meet. Go. • Search for a ride going anywhere you want to go • Find the ride closest to you, maybe one leaving from just around the corner. • Book a seat instantly or request a seat • Get closer to where you want to go. ------------------------- Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: http://www.blablacar.co.uk/contact
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APK Version History BlaBlaCar, Trusted Carpooling .APK For Android

  • 2016-10-08 14:03:40

    Voyager facilement et avec des gens sympas c'est Cooool.

  • Sny Di
    2016-07-16 08:10:07

    gut, günstig und hilfreich gerade dann, wenn es schnell gehen muss.

  • Robert Kwil
    2016-01-28 23:29:59

    App for community and international transport.

  • Bonnie Fnaf 4
    2015-07-30 14:54:23

    caquita del culo

  • Papis Christelle Diagne
    2015-03-11 20:43:14

    cool dans l'ensemble mais améliorer du côté conducteur,donner plus de droit au passager blabla,proposer des solutions de ravitaillement en + des frais de transport pour se desidrater ou résoudre un petit creu

  • Ciccio Palla
    2014-12-14 09:27:47

    per risparmiare questo modo risulta davvero ottimo .. gettonata la tratta roma bari

  • Ciccio Palla
    2014-12-14 09:26:52

    ottimo modo per risparmiare

  • Ciccio Palla
    2014-12-14 09:26:25

    un ottimo modo per risparmiare risulta sicuro ..gettonata la roma bari